Tuesday, June 28, 2011

U2 360 Tour

Christmas of 2009 Josh and I received U2 tickets from Family Friends the Wouldstra's. We were suppose to see them that Summer but they ended up having to reschedule the tour. So after a year and a half we finally got to go to the concert! I am a fan of classic bands so I was very excited. I decided not to bring my camera for fear of it getting taken away or worse. We weren't positive on the camera policy. With concerts its a risky business so I wanted to play it safe. 
The concert was at Spartan Stadium in Lansing, Michigan. I've been to the campus before but not inside the stadium so I was in awe of how large it was. The weather was PERFECT! Our seats were pretty high up but I was very happy because we got to sit at the edge in front where the bar was. It started late but that was to be expected. The stage was a monster and it was amazing to see when walking in. Florence and the Machine was the opening act. It was interesting... I wasn't a huge fan of the band but they closed with their most popular song that I enjoyed. U2 Came out about a half hour latter to the song "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. They came in from the side so when they came in you didn't see them or notice anything was going on until everyone started yelling and clapping. 

A Pano of the Stadium before as everyone was getting there.

Them starting!

The concert started during the day but as it got darker they started taking advantage of the stage and the AMAZING lights. They had 12 people on the sides with spot lights!

Awesome fog and a disco ball at the top of the stage!

The screen was like a giant web that extended all the way to the bottom. There were a few songs where we couldn't see them but the screen was so awesome it didn't matter!

Towards the end of the show. This was during one of Bono's speeches on World Awareness. 

Josh and I had an amazing time! 

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Friday, June 24, 2011


So My co-worker Cody started using this app called "Pano" for the iPhone. This is part of the office where I work. I think we have the coolest department and we definitely have the most fun. I want to start working more with Panoromas. This app has sparked a new interest. We'll see how it goes.

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Geese and Ducks of John Ball Park

My boyfriend Josh loves birds. I live very close to John ball zoo and one of our favorite things to do is go there and feed the geese and ducks. These geese and ducks are very unique because they will come right up to you and eat out of your hands! Most of them are very friendly. There was one that would hiss at us and then take the food but that was it. We were lucky enough to even see some ducklings! If your ever in the area you should really stop by and visit these little guys. They appreciate the food! =) 

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to Wesco Store #23 in Ludington, Michigan

Part of my job for Wesco is traveling to the different stores to repair graphics inside and outside of the store. Today I went to one of the stores in Ludington that is getting a parking lot make over. It was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed being able to spend it outside. There was a moment where I was standing on a ladder redoing a valance (the top of the pump) and next thing I knew a concrete truck was pulling in just a few feet behind me! It frightened me and I quickly moved to another pump. I was here for most of the day. This store has an "in-store bakery" and trust me their sweets are amazing. One of the associates gave me two smileyface cookies Sheryl your a sweet heart and thanks again! The store's pumps will be in full function latter this week and I will have to return to finish more graphics on the pumps. Hoping for amazing weather again on the second day!

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Portage Michigan, Riverside park

Today we went to Portage Michigan for a wedding reception/ BBQ for David and Diana Woodstra. David is Josh's parents godson and one of Josh's friends. This park is the same park that David had proposed and they had their wedding here a few weeks ago. They had a very small intimate wedding and then went on their honeymoon. It was fun. We were fortunate to not have to deal with any rain. It was great weather. There were these docks with kids who were fishing. They were very impatient but cute. I enjoyed the weather and company of great people.

~Vanessa M. Martinez