Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maximus and Nolani Rae

There are two days in my life that I remember very well.

I'll never forget the day my brother Chris told me I was going to be an Aunt. I was 8 and just getting out of Girl Scouts when he picked me up from St. Francis. I was so excited to just see him and hold him. I was younger so I was the only one of my friends that had a nephew. I felt so special and watching him grow up has been such an experience. In the past couple months he has sprouted and is taller then me. He's so helpful and works so hard with both chores and school. He even picked up the violin just like me. 

The second day was when Nolani was born. It was November and I was already sleeping but my mom woke me up and said Jessica just had her baby. They said she looks like Tia Betty, which means she looks like you. I loved going to Jessica's to watch and play with Nolani. I never had a little sister so I always felt like Nolani was that to me. Recently she had her first communion and asked me to be her Godmother. I was so happy and honored to be that person in her life. She's getting so big just like her personality.

I took the day off of work after going to see Paul McCartney in Detroit. I decided that it would be a great day to spend with Max and Nolani. They are growing up so fast and I know I don't get as much time with them anymore. I decided to take them mini golfing with Josh. It was so hot! They got halfway through the course and started complaining but we made it through. They ended up going inside to play air-hockey for a bit. Then we went to Meijer to pick up supplies for a spaghetti dinner and cup cakes for desert. They were so much fun but man were they a lot of work. Its hard keeping up with them. I don't remember having that much energy as kid! Josh was so helpful with everything. I'm so happy they all get a long so well or we definitely would have a problem. Here's some pictures from the day.


Nolani Rae


She was getting frustrated and was hot. Her faces make me laugh though

Watching the ball

Hot day

They get so into it

Making Cupcakes

They loved pouring the batter in the molds

They turned out great!

I love them so much =)

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach and a Greenwing Macaw

Josh and I decided to take a walk at Holland State Park. He absolutely loves birds! Someday we hope to have a green wing Macaw just like this little guy. There is a couple that has 4 or 5 birds that they take around Holland. They were very gracious and let people hold them and take pictures. The birds didn't like to hold still but I did manage to get a few pictures. The Holland state park is a prime spot especially on a gorgeous day like this one.  Enjoy!

Sunset on the Pier

The weather was so nice!

Duck silhouettes 


Happy duck family

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Friday, July 8, 2011

Candle Light Vigil

On July 7, 2011 in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan seven people were killed by the hands of Rodrick Dantzler. There is no explanation of the motivation to why he did this. I was on my way to Josh's to celebrate our two year Anniversary. We had dinner and when we got back in the car we started listening to the coverage on the events that were unfolding. Josh ended up getting called in to run the board at the WOOD radio. I spent the evening watching videos and reports on WOOD TV.  The man had started a police chase on 131 and I-96 during the time Josh and I were having dinner. At one point he was drove into the median and went into oncoming traffic. Two people were shot in the midst of all of this. One of the victims had a metal plate in his face due to having skin cancer and that may have saved his life. Dantzler held three hostages on the east part of Grand Rapids. Hours after negotiating he then shot himself. It was a very sad day of events in Grand Rapids. Applause to the men and women in uniform helping during all this. 
A candle light service was held at the Gerald R. Ford Museum. People were lighting candles and making donations. Here are some of those moments


Mourning friends and family

 They lit seven paper lanterns for the seven victims that were killed

The Lanterns in the Grand Rapids Skyline

Grand Rapids is strong. Prayers and thoughts to all those effected by these terrible incidents

~Vanessa M. Martinez


Josh and I were invited over to Jae's. It was the first I had ever been out there. Him and his girlfriend Amy Made us a wonderful Dinner in honor of Josh and I's two year anniversary. While we were waiting for the food to finish we were invited out to the barn to see Puppies! Jae's family breeds hunting dogs. I have to be honest I don't know what kind of breed they were but does it matter? I mean they are so cute! 
We walked into the barn and heard so many dogs parking. When we turned the corner there were two puppies in their own little space. The mom's name is Lady. This was her forth litter. The litter was small there was just a boy and a girl. The girl is the one with a darker face and the boy has the spot on his back and small ones on his face. They didn't have names yet so they were called boy and girl, or pup. They were so energetic!  I hope you enjoy the pictures they were so much fun to play with! 

Lady and the girl puppy. They really liked playing together and girl kept bugging lady for Milk.

Dont you just love her face!

Boy looking for his sister.

She needed a break from playing

She loved running!

Happy Family! 

Dinner was amazing and we went to Captain Sundae as well! Thanks for a great time Jae and Amy!

~Vanessa M. Martinez

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Of July

Oh Happy Birthday America! I was lucky enough to have the day off! My mom woke me up in the morning, but late enough for me to sleep in and she had breakfast waiting for me. I went to my brother's store to take pictures. (more about that latter, I'm saving that for another post) Then spent time at my "in-laws" with Josh. There I had hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies. 
We latter left to Grand Haven to meet up with a few people. We came across a few problems. Number 1 we didn't have data the entire night! When your phone doesn't work its pretty frustrating, and number 2 where to park. It took us a while but I guess lesson learned. We met up with Amy Page, a friend of Josh's from college and her two friends, James and Sarah. Sarah was friendly and sweet, James was loud, drunk, but still funny. At one point he got yelled at because we went into a toy store and he was swearing a lot.... Yeah you never want to bring a drunk guy into a toy store thats for sure.
Other then that we enjoyed walking around the lovely city of Grand Haven and found a decent spot to watch the fireworks. The musical fountain was also there too, however we couldn't see it too well from where we were sitting. Here are a few firework pictures for you enjoyment =)

Loved the Willow Fireworks

This little dog was so cute, you cant even see his eyes!

There are boats everywhere! We overheard a guys saying to his friend on the phone
 "I'm by all the boats"

Can't leave out the flags 


~Vanessa M. Martinez