Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maximus and Nolani Rae

There are two days in my life that I remember very well.

I'll never forget the day my brother Chris told me I was going to be an Aunt. I was 8 and just getting out of Girl Scouts when he picked me up from St. Francis. I was so excited to just see him and hold him. I was younger so I was the only one of my friends that had a nephew. I felt so special and watching him grow up has been such an experience. In the past couple months he has sprouted and is taller then me. He's so helpful and works so hard with both chores and school. He even picked up the violin just like me. 

The second day was when Nolani was born. It was November and I was already sleeping but my mom woke me up and said Jessica just had her baby. They said she looks like Tia Betty, which means she looks like you. I loved going to Jessica's to watch and play with Nolani. I never had a little sister so I always felt like Nolani was that to me. Recently she had her first communion and asked me to be her Godmother. I was so happy and honored to be that person in her life. She's getting so big just like her personality.

I took the day off of work after going to see Paul McCartney in Detroit. I decided that it would be a great day to spend with Max and Nolani. They are growing up so fast and I know I don't get as much time with them anymore. I decided to take them mini golfing with Josh. It was so hot! They got halfway through the course and started complaining but we made it through. They ended up going inside to play air-hockey for a bit. Then we went to Meijer to pick up supplies for a spaghetti dinner and cup cakes for desert. They were so much fun but man were they a lot of work. Its hard keeping up with them. I don't remember having that much energy as kid! Josh was so helpful with everything. I'm so happy they all get a long so well or we definitely would have a problem. Here's some pictures from the day.


Nolani Rae


She was getting frustrated and was hot. Her faces make me laugh though

Watching the ball

Hot day

They get so into it

Making Cupcakes

They loved pouring the batter in the molds

They turned out great!

I love them so much =)

~Vanessa M. Martinez


  1. Oh my a hearty laugh and a tear! I remember taking them mini golfing 6 weeks ago so I KNOW EXACTLY what you went through! hahahahaha They are growing like weeds! Nice capturing the moment shots Whoot. So nice of you to take the time and do that with them because time waits for no one. love you XOXO

  2. Oh I know! LOL =) Love you too!