Friday, July 8, 2011


Josh and I were invited over to Jae's. It was the first I had ever been out there. Him and his girlfriend Amy Made us a wonderful Dinner in honor of Josh and I's two year anniversary. While we were waiting for the food to finish we were invited out to the barn to see Puppies! Jae's family breeds hunting dogs. I have to be honest I don't know what kind of breed they were but does it matter? I mean they are so cute! 
We walked into the barn and heard so many dogs parking. When we turned the corner there were two puppies in their own little space. The mom's name is Lady. This was her forth litter. The litter was small there was just a boy and a girl. The girl is the one with a darker face and the boy has the spot on his back and small ones on his face. They didn't have names yet so they were called boy and girl, or pup. They were so energetic!  I hope you enjoy the pictures they were so much fun to play with! 

Lady and the girl puppy. They really liked playing together and girl kept bugging lady for Milk.

Dont you just love her face!

Boy looking for his sister.

She needed a break from playing

She loved running!

Happy Family! 

Dinner was amazing and we went to Captain Sundae as well! Thanks for a great time Jae and Amy!

~Vanessa M. Martinez

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