Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Of July

Oh Happy Birthday America! I was lucky enough to have the day off! My mom woke me up in the morning, but late enough for me to sleep in and she had breakfast waiting for me. I went to my brother's store to take pictures. (more about that latter, I'm saving that for another post) Then spent time at my "in-laws" with Josh. There I had hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies. 
We latter left to Grand Haven to meet up with a few people. We came across a few problems. Number 1 we didn't have data the entire night! When your phone doesn't work its pretty frustrating, and number 2 where to park. It took us a while but I guess lesson learned. We met up with Amy Page, a friend of Josh's from college and her two friends, James and Sarah. Sarah was friendly and sweet, James was loud, drunk, but still funny. At one point he got yelled at because we went into a toy store and he was swearing a lot.... Yeah you never want to bring a drunk guy into a toy store thats for sure.
Other then that we enjoyed walking around the lovely city of Grand Haven and found a decent spot to watch the fireworks. The musical fountain was also there too, however we couldn't see it too well from where we were sitting. Here are a few firework pictures for you enjoyment =)

Loved the Willow Fireworks

This little dog was so cute, you cant even see his eyes!

There are boats everywhere! We overheard a guys saying to his friend on the phone
 "I'm by all the boats"

Can't leave out the flags 


~Vanessa M. Martinez

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