Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to Wesco Store #23 in Ludington, Michigan

Part of my job for Wesco is traveling to the different stores to repair graphics inside and outside of the store. Today I went to one of the stores in Ludington that is getting a parking lot make over. It was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed being able to spend it outside. There was a moment where I was standing on a ladder redoing a valance (the top of the pump) and next thing I knew a concrete truck was pulling in just a few feet behind me! It frightened me and I quickly moved to another pump. I was here for most of the day. This store has an "in-store bakery" and trust me their sweets are amazing. One of the associates gave me two smileyface cookies Sheryl your a sweet heart and thanks again! The store's pumps will be in full function latter this week and I will have to return to finish more graphics on the pumps. Hoping for amazing weather again on the second day!

~Vanessa M. Martinez

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