Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Day in the Life: September 1st - December 1st in 2011

For my Photography and Moving Pictures class we worked on an "everyday" assignment. This is a collection of pictures starting from September 1st to December 1st that showed things that happened in my day. Most of these were shot simply using my iPhone camera. Some are nicer or more pleasant then others but I choose to focus on more on things happening around me. However this lead me on to thinking about a longer project. I'm now gearing up to take on a full 365 starting on New Years Day. I'd like to do 2 sets, one with my SLR and one with my iPhone. I'm moving to California in just 6 weeks and knowing I'm going to have to take a break from school. With that I'm focused on devoting a part of everyday to my photography. It will be a challenge but I'm going to be immersed in a whole new world and I want to share my new life with everyone. For now here's my last 3 months... =) 

September 1st: wrapped an ice chest

September 2nd: Picked up my sister at the airport. Here's my brother singing to himself.

September 3rd: We are celebrating my grandparents 50th Anniversary. Here they are with their great grand kids. 

September 4th: My Grandma Martinez came over. I've always loved her crocheted hats.

September 5th: We took Max to Timbertown so he could skateboard. 

September 6th: Wrapped another ice chest

September 7th: My new kitchen is finished.

September 8th: Started a time lapse on the Grand River.

September 9th: I took pictures of Fireworks from the 19th floor of the Riverhouse Building.

September 10th: Boiling water for my Balsa wood project

September 11th: I spent another day fully focused on this balsa wood project.

September 12th: In the dark room developing film.

September 13th: Showing off the wrap for the Fall of Fun car.

September 14th: I bought my first pair of high heels.

September 15th: I turned 21!!

September 16th: Flew to New York City to visit my sister!

September 17th: My view from village at the apartment we were staying at.

September 18th: My brother bought me a Gucci bag.

September 19th: We saw the Foo Fighters at the Palace. It was incredible!

September 20th: One of my favorite snacks, cucumbers, cayenne pepper, and lime juice

September 21st: Another day of classes at Kendall.

September 22nd: A wooden Wesco truck that I thought was really neat. 

September 23rd: I bought my first six pack. It was for Josh but still counts.

September 24th: Remembering Dimitri, it was a year ago he passed away. I miss him so much.

September 25th: A funny moment between Josh and my build a bear Bernie. 

September 26th: I woke up really early to study for my test. 

September 27th: Testing the placement of Bakery signs. 

September 28th: My first day in the wood shop. It was very intimidating but after a while I enjoyed it.

September 29th: There was a cool rainbow in the sky. This picture sure did not give it justice.

September 30th: I hit a deer and it was one of the most scariest moments of my life!

October 1st: Josh and I enjoyed a mocha at Madcapp.

October 2nd: I developed more film.

October 4th: Speaker series for Art Prize.

October 5th: My critique on Portfolio one which was a print matching assignment. These pictures are a combination of film, digital, and scanned prints.

October 6th: A surprise baby shower for Nancy Westgate. 

October 7th: I hung out in the WSNX studio with Holmes and Ashley Mariah while Josh was working.

October 8th: The largest cake I've ever seen! It was in honor of the Devos' and Van Andel's.

October 9th: I got my car back and it looked better then before.

October 13th: I got new charms for my Pandora bracelet.

October 14th: This was found in the living room Josh's. I thought it was funny.

October 15th: My first Hobtober fest. I was able to try many different beers and managed to find a couple I liked.

October 17th: Another day of classes.

October 18th: I packed the Holiday of Fun shirts today. 

October 19th: Finishing my architecture assignment for 3-D design.

October 20th: Our PO 260 class was showing our art prize video assignments. You had to be there but this moment was really funny.

October 21st: Working on some homework.

October 22nd: Josh and I took a visit to the Apple Store. 

October 23rd: Spent another night editing.

October 25th: Another rewards package finished.

October 26th: I went shooting during my lunch break.

October 27th: Made a Wesco ornament for Store 54 in Sparta.

October 28th: I wrapped another ice chest.

October 29th: Went to a Halloween party and this was a neat beer pong table. It was very dark but I tried.

October 30th: I visited my little brother in the Hospital.

October 31st: Kendall had a taco bar for Halloween. 

November 1st: Went to Bdubs for wings.

November 3rd: Did you know that M&M's are made with REAL milk chocolate?

November 4th: I made buttons.

November 6th: I took Nolani and Max to Craig's Cruisers to ride go-karts. 

November 7th: I finished my Portfolio 2 for Digital Photo.

November 9th: Working on another project for 3-D design.

November 10th: Another day at the office results in more inside jokes. 

November 11th: Bryan and I decorated Cody's desk for Veterans day.

November 12th: Another visit to Mad Capp for the best hot chocolate I've ever had.

November 13th: Went Grocery Shopping.

November 14th: working on a project

November 15th: I saw the new Coke can design and thought it was really nice.

November 16th: Enjoying a beer at Founders.

November 17th: Went to store 47 in Lakeview to put graphics up on the windows. 

November 18th:  I was told to wash Cody's car... So I did.

November 19th: I know this is a screen shot and not a picture but this was better because WE'RE MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!

November 20th: Something strange that my phone did and I wanted to show it.

November 21st: I told my work that I'm leaving and this is a note that my boss left me.

November 23rd: My mom made her first turkey on Thanksgiving!

November 24th: Cody shooting for a facelift for fountain areas in the store.

November 29th: Watching the Lana show at work.

November 30th: Another day working at school.

December 1st: This is hard to explain... This is my boss Bryan. You had to be there, it was funny.

I can't believe it's December already! Looking forward for this 365! Stick around. =) 

~Vanessa M. Martinez

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