Friday, January 13, 2012

My Wesco Journey

My Parents live on a little street with just seven houses on it. If you walk to the end of Rose Street and look across Lakewood Boulevard you will see a convenient store called Wesco. Ever since I was a little kid growing up and riding my bike to the end of that road I knew there was something special about that place. It was the only Wesco in Holland and as far as I knew it was the only one around the area. They always had the nicest people working who were always patient when we would bring pop cans to cash in just to get an icee. You could always count on walking in to the smell of fresh popcorn. In 2005 they started tearing down the small brick building and I was of course in agony because I thought they were taking it away! I found out they were rebuilding the store little did I know what that would do for me. 
In the Fall of 2007 I was starting my Senior year of High School. I was working at Mcdonalds but wasn't too thrilled about it. The managers were awful and the hours didn't work well for me. My mom had talked to our neighbor who was the manager of the ToGo at the Wesco. She said she was looking for help and asked if I was interested. I was coming home from volleyball practice when my mom sprung it to me that I was about to go in for an interview. She dropped me off and next thing I knew the interview was over. I was hired within the week and more then thrilled to take my 2 minute walk across the street to work. I knew a lot of the people there from coming in so often so it was an easy transition. 
My senior year of high school I was the sandwich and pizza girl. I loved making people happy, it was and still is one of my favorite things. That summer I graduated from high school and decided that I would attend community college to save money and work. Wesco has a reimbursement program that will give you back money for good grades. July that summer they closed the Deli and because my 18th birthday wasn't until September I became a stocker and cleaner. I worked a few days a week, saving my money and enjoying the summer with friends before they went away to college. September came and I became a Sales Associate, serving customers with a smile was my goal everyday. 
November 2008 I met a guy with glasses and a funny beard that came in a filled his popcorn buckets before working his 3rd shift at the radio stations in Grand Rapids. I received a message from a friend telling me that a radio show in the morning was talking about me. Turns out that guy had a big crush on me. He appeared a lot older then he really was. He once asked me for coffee and I wasn't sure what to say I hardly knew him after all. I started hiding in the cooler or the back room whenever he would come in. After several months of convincing and conversation, not to mention a good shave, I finally realized what a wonderful guy he really was. We started dating late spring of 2009. I don't think we would have ever met if it weren't for those buckets or my pink polo that he thought was cute on me.
November 2009 my coworker Rob approached me with an email that wassent down from corporate about a job opening at the office. His wordswhere "you can do this this, it sounds like you. I really think youshould apply!" There was a tight time frame for me to get my resumeand internal application filled out but I managed to get everything in. I interviewed in Muskegon on a cold November morning. I left extra early to make sure I wouldn't get lost. Problem was I left too early…I ended up showing up 40 minutes early and wasn't sure what to do with myself. I parked in the parking lot with my dads loud pick up truck because my mom had my car that day. It was so embaressing. I met Bryan and Cody and wasn't sure what to think, especially after using the word cute to describe the place. I gave it my all, left it at that but latter that week I got a call from Bryan Link asking me to come in again for another interview. I was a bit shocked but of course excited. I came in for a trial run. I cut, laminated and even helped wrap a car. It was exciting and so much fun. A week went by and Bryan called and asked if I wanted the job. I gladly excepted.
I would spent the next 2 years learning about the printing and marketing world at Wesco known as Studio W. I've wrapped cars, ice chests, climbed on the tallest ladders to install graphics, taken pictures of some amazing people, and worked with an awesome team. Our room is across the hall from the owner of the company, Jerry Westgate.Working for a company who's president know you by name is one of the many reasons I loved my job. I have so many stories and wouldn't even know where to begin with explaining all the skills I've learned over the past 4 years.

Bryan and Cody thanks for taking a chance on me. It's been wonderfulworking with you. I won't forget the things I've learned and will put them to use.

.Jerry, Nancy, Lauren, Kim, Allison, Jessica, Kathie, Jeanie, Linda,Nicole, Mike, Stacy, Sam, Amy, Jena, Bob, Jake, Barb, Jim, Russ, the list really goes on, but I wish you all the best and hope you keepdoing great things with this wonderful company.

Heather, Winona, Angela, Rob, Phaula, Tanya, Jerret, Kristi, Candy, Joel, Kacie, Leah, Jess, Wendy and everyone else I worked with at store 4, thank you for helping me and keep up the great work wherever you may be.

With that I hope you smile and make every day a WINNING day!

All my love

~Vanessa M. Martinez

The sign at the store in Holland when I got my promotion

Me in store 4 during my goodbye party

Angela Goulet and I

The first truck I ever wrapped

Zippy and the summer of fun car that I wrapped

I came home after a day of being at school for a day and they had made a cardboard cut out of my head. I guess I was loved that much!

Studio W

2010 Summer of fun car. I was very excited after we finished the wrap on it

Modeling for the Wesco Market Place

Enjoying an icee

I think I could be Wesco's number one fan!

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